What if each of us genuinely believed our calling, work, and the raising of next generations leaders play a role in God’s unfolding story?

Pastors and Senior Leaders – at Alphacrucis College, we are committed to leadership excellence, practice, development, and education. AC has convened extraordinary talent across sectors, disciplines, and generations to accomplish our mission to advance leadership knowledge and practice in order to transform our churches, communities and cities.

As we challenge, innovate, and engage the world, I felt compelled to create a trusted space for leadership learning by providing trusted leadership resources. As such, we launched our Transforming Leadership program in 2019, which includes specialised forums to gather a cohort of Christian leaders from all over the world.

We have an excellent suite of programs on offer.

Pastors, I encourage you to refer your key leadership teams for our senior leadership study programs Graduate Certificate in Leadership or a Master of Leadership with start in November 2021 and also, February 2022.

Enquire now through the form or email tlp@ac.edu.au.



This program offers leaders several learning pathways, all curated to equip them with the cognitive, emotional and behavioural resources to confidently lead their organisation. Leaders in the Transforming Leadership Program will develop key interrelated spheres of keys of leadership: personal growth and discipline; team dynamics and performance; and organisation innovation and growth.


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Graduate Certificate
in Leadership

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Master of

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Masterclass: Leading and Moving in the Spirit with Ps Phil Pringle, Ps Russell Evans and Prof. Stephan Fogarty

You're invited to the "Masterclass: Moving and Leading in the Spirit" with Ps Phil Pringle and Ps Russell Evans. Learn from Phil, Russell and Stephen as they teach on how to be a Spirit-led leader and pressing topics facing the church today

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Seek the kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.


Transforming Leadership Cohort Experience

“I love the course!
The content is challenging and brings into sharp focus my areas of strength in leadership and opportunities for growth, all from a Christian Worldview. The course material is timely and offers real life application to my current leadership roles in ministry and media."

Gavin Brett, Senior Pastor
Christian Ministry Centre, Orange (ACC) + CEO, Christian Media Hub, Regional NSW


“Having not been involved in formal studies for nearly 50 years, I embarked, with trepidation, the AC Master of Leadership.

I was surprised at how quickly my language and thinking processes changed. It became obvious in my preaching as well as other areas of ministry and life.

The course has enlarged my understanding of leadership, scripture and how to research and has opened doors for me to teach in places I never thought possible. I wish I had enrolled years earlier so that I could experience more extensive benefit from my studies!"

Pastor Paul Newsham, 
Former President of ACC, South Australia and host of Sunday Night Talk on 1079 LIFE.


“The program stimulates discussion that helps all of us process new ideas and information.

And when you arrive at that point where the new information is transformed into digested knowledge and understanding, it’s like a train bursting from a long dark tunnel into the summer sun.”

Pastor Helen Kobakian
Senior Pastor and co-founder of LifeHouse Church, Melbourne, Victoria.