Transforming Leadership Vlog: Episode 5 – Mark Varughese

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In Episode 5 of our Transformative Talks we chat with Pastor Mark Varughese, founder and senior leader of Kingdomcity —a growing, vibrant church of more than 30,000 people in 27 locations across 13 countries worldwide. Mark was born in Singapore and raised in Malaysia until nine years of age, where he spent the next 21 years living in Perth, Western Australia. After completing his commerce and law degrees, Mark worked as a lawyer for five years before his profound ‘burning bush experience’, which led to returning to Malaysia in full-time ministry. In 2006 he planted what is now Kingdomcity.

Mark says: “If you have an interest in leadership, study! Have a learner’s mindset… don’t obsesses about the titles, get possessed by a cause!’

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