Transforming Leadership Vlog: Episode 7 – Ps Gerard Keehan

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“We want Your will, God. We want to hear from You. We don’t want to do our own thing. What do You want us to do? Where do You want us to go?” 

What does a Surrendered Leader sound like?

Join us today in this special Transforming Leadership Vlog with Pastor Gerard Keehan, a church planter and leader who is passionate about encouraging people to reach and fulfil their God-given destinies.

Pastors Gerard and Sue established two churches from a handful of people: One in Britain which became Hillsong Church, London; and Globalheart Church in Perth, Western Australia. Likewise, Globalheart Church has planted churches in Lusaka, Zambia and Hamburg, Germany. Pastor Gerard is also on the spiritual oversight team of Wave Church (Virginia Beach USA), Resurgent Church (Montreal Canada), and Lifehouse Church International (Tokyo Japan). Gerard has served on the National Executive of the Australian Christian Churches (with over 1,100 churches).

May this Transforming Leadership Vlog inspire you today in your quest as a Transforming Leader seeking the Holy Spirit for direction and ultimately SURRENDERING to His unique call over your life and ministry.